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Cookie Dough 2021 (Order Form) [B7810 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-12-01]
Cookie Dough Fundraiser (Updated Deadline) [B7811 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-12-01]
November Calendar [B7781 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-02]
Cookie Dough (Letter) [B7784 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-05]
Cookie Dough (Order Form) [B7783 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-05]
Christmas Tree Fundraiser 2021 [B7777 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-10-28]
Snow Pants Memo [B7790 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-10]
Daycare Parent Information 2021-2022 [B7731 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-19]
Distance Learning (Breakdown of Minutes) [B7744 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-23]
Emergency Protocol 2021-2022 [B7745 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-23]
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/ School (English Version) [B7799 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/Parent (English Version) [B7801 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/Parents (Version Francaise) [B7802 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/School (Version Francaise) [B7800 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Evaluation Plan 2021-2022 (Cycle 1) [B7806 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Evaluation Plan 2021-2022 (Cycle 2) [B7805 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Evaluation Plan 2021-2022 (Cycle 3) [B7804 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Governing Board Annual Report [B7715 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-10]
Grade 1-6 Student Schedule [B7742 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-23]
Judicial Form 2021-2022 (English) [B7730 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-19]
Judicial Form 2021-2022 (Francais) [B7729 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-19]
McCaig 2021-2022 School Calendar [B7657 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-07-12]
Permission To Walk Home [B7740 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-23]
Piccola Gioia (Instructions) [B7738 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-23]
Pre-K and Kindergarten Student Schedule [B7743 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-23]
Scales of Competency Cycle I-II-III 2021-2022 [B7803 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-11-26]
Use of Image and Name Authorization Form [B7741 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-09-23]
McCaig Code of Conduct 2021-2022 [B7656 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-07-12]
McCaig Educational Project (2019-2022) [B7646 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-07-09]
ABAV Plan 2020-2021 [B7497 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2021-03-21]

501 Northcote, Rosemere, QC, J7A 1Y1
Tel. 450 621-6111
Principal: Richard Mason
Vice Principal: Sarah Lefebvre Gauthier


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Word of the Day: NUMISMATIST
Definition: (noun) A collector and student of money (and coins in particular).

Synonyms: coin collector.

Usage: I'm not sure that I would go so far as to call myself a numismatist, but I do have jars and jars full of change at home.