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Netiquette Best Practices [B238:2020-10-27]
RHS Open House 2020 [B7320 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-27]
Calendar November 2020 [B7337 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-09]
October-November Newsletter [B7343 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-16]
2020 Christmas tree fundraiser [B7335 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-09]
SOCKS FUNDRAISER MCCAIG 2020 (TFOMES) [B7345 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-17]
Parent Memo 3 NEW Ped Days [B7359 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-23]
Are they going outside? [B7319 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-27]
Weather Chart [B7318 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-27]
*** New Timetable (2020-2021) *** [B7147 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-07-02]
Daycare Covid Style as of October 8th 2020 [B7294 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-08]
Distancing for Daycare and Preschool [B7251 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-09-09]
Form Judicial 2020-2021 (English) [B7285 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-01]
Form Judicial 2020-2021 (Français) [B7284 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-01]
Homeschooling Department-Information for schools 2020-2021 [B7210 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-08-20]
MCCAIG CODE OF CONDUCT 2020-2021 [B7146 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-07-02]
Mozaïk Parents portal connection procedure [B7211 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-08-20]
Physical Distancing [B7252 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-09-09]
Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Timetable [B7293 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-07]
Rules for Daycare [B7253 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-09-09]
Rules for Wearing a Mask [B7254 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-09-09]
ABAV Plan 2019-2020 [B6832 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-13]
McCaig Educational Project 2018-2022 [B6629 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-08-15]
PARENT MEMO CALENDAR AND REPORT CARDS [B7312 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-10-23]
Calendar 2020-2021 (Updated November 17th 2020) [B7352 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-18]
EVALUATION PLAN 2020-2021 (Cycle 1) [B7351 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-18]
EVALUATION PLAN 2020-2021 (Cycle 2) [B7349 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-18]
EVALUATION PLAN 2020-2021 (Cycle 3) [B7347 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-18]
SCALES OF COMPETENCY 2020-2021 (Cycle 1) [B7350 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-18]
SCALES OF COMPETENCY 2020-2021 (Cycle 2) [B7348 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-18]
SCALES OF COMPETENCY 2020-2021 (Cycle 3) [B7346 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-11-18]
Governing Board Annual Report 2019-2020 [B7235 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-08-27]

501 Northcote, Rosemere, QC, J7A 1Y1
Tel. 450 621-6111
Principal: Richard Mason
Vice Principal: Sarah Lefebvre Gauthier


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Word of the Day: MONOTONOUS
Definition: (adjective) Tediously repetitious or lacking in variety.

Synonyms: humdrum.

Usage: Spending eight hours a day on an assembly line is monotonous work, but I am grateful to have a job.