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Welcome to McCaig

Corona Virus Update [B190:2020-03-13]

March 13, 2020
We have just learned that all schools across the province of Québec, including those at the SWLSB, have been ordered to close for 14 days in an effort to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

We will be sharing additional details once we receive them.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.


The Leaning Backpack [B192:2020-03-26]

Facebook Video [B7019:2020-03-29]

Dear students,
Everyone at McCaig is thinking about and missing every single one of you! We can’t wait to see you again.
Here a little something from the McCaig family to your family.
Please take care and stay safe.
YOUR McCaig Family


March 2020 Calendar [B6994 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-02-28]
Séance extraordinaire du Conseil des Commissaires (31 mars 2020) [B7017 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-03-28]
Special Meeting of the Council of Commissioners (March, 31st 2020) [B7018 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-03-28]
Are they going outside? [B6829 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-12]
Procédures lors d'un avertissement de tempête 2019-2020 [B6828 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-11]
Storm Watch Procedures 2019-2020 [B6827 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-11]
ABAV Plan 2019-2020 [B6832 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-13]
Arrival and Dismissal Procedures 2019-2020 [B6677 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-09-03]
Consentement à une vérification des antécédents judiciaires [B6701 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-09-10]
Dismissal Tag Memo 2019-2020 [B6678 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-09-03]
Letter to parents: Coronavirus (SWLSB) [B6996 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-03-08]
Lettre aux parents: Coronavirus (SWLSB) [B6995 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-03-08]
McCaig Educational Project 2018-2022 [B6629 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-08-15]
SCHEDULE 2019-2020 [B6900 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-12-09]
2019-2020 Calendar [B6564 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-07-03]
Calm Down Strategies [B6959 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-02-03]
Parent Information Session: THE ZONES OF REGULATION [B6960 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2020-02-03]
Evaluation Plan 2019-2020 (Cycle 1) [B6846 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-25]
Evaluation Plan 2019-2020 (Cycle 2) [B6845 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-25]
Evaluation Plan 2019-2020 (Cycle 3) [B6844 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-25]
SCALES OF COMPETENCY 2019-2020 (Cycle 1) [B6851 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-25]
SCALES OF COMPETENCY 2019-2020 (Cycle 2) [B6850 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-25]
SCALES OF COMPETENCY 2019-2020 (Cycle 3) [B6849 - S. Lefebvre Gauthier:2019-11-25]

501 Northcote, Rosemere, QC, J7A 1Y1
Tel. 450 621-6111
Principal: Richard Mason  
Vice Principal: Sarah Lefebvre Gauthier  


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