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a McCaig Elementary School

About Us

McCaig Elementary School is committed to promoting the personal, social and academic development of each child's potential. Programs and Services

This is achieved by:

  • Involving parents, teachers and other members of the school community in a spirit of enthusiasm
  • Keeping academic standards at the forefront
  • Developing literacy skills
    • Stimulating students to explore, experiment and progress
    • Accepting individual learning styles
    • Involving students in the process of their own learning
  • Fostering respect and responsibility
    • Providing a supportive and accepting environment
    • Encouraging acceptance of cultural diversity
  • Maintaining a caring, safe and responsible school environment
  • Promoting extra curricular activities 

This educational project was originally adopted by the McCaig Orientation Committee in 1990.

It was revised and affirmed by the McCaig Governing Board in June 2004


Programs, Services

McCaig Elementary offers a strong English academic program in accordance with the Quebec Education Program.

All students succeed in an integrated class setting.

Thirty percent (30%) of the curriculum is taught in French - French Language Instruction, Social Studies and Art.

The Digit, Numbers and Decimal Program and teacher-prepared resources support the competencies of the mathematics curriculum.

In addition, our drama program is an enriching component of each child's education.

  • The student's program of study is rounded off with an extensive physical education program.

Peanut and nut free school
  • McCaig is a peanut and nut free school.  We request parents to support this policy as there are many children in the school who are severely allergic to nuts and peanut by-products. All lunches and snacks should be peanut and nut free e.g. no peanut butter sandwiches, Nutella, etc.
Behavior code
  • Everyone at McCaig Elementary is expected to follow our Rules of Conduct and Safety Measures guidelines.


Services, Programs


We offer a harmonious transition between home and school with our

devoted daycare team who keep attendees entertained before and

after school.

Before school: 6:30 am to 8:45 am

After school: 3:30 pm to 6:00 pm

$8.35/day (if registered at least 3 days per week).

$14.00/day (if registered as a sporadic user, less than 3 days per week).

Late fee: $10.00/15 minutes (if picked up later than 6:00 pm).

Fees are billed on a monthly basis.

Open every day except for holidays and some school closures.

We have a fully equipped library at McCaig School containing English and French books - both fiction and non-fiction.

To ensure the smooth running of our library, we ask the following:

  • Please make note of your child’s library day and be sure that the book(s) are returned on time.                                          
  • Parents will be charged for any lost or damaged books.

All students are welcome to eat their lunch at the school in the cafeteria. Supervision is provided by Lunchroom Supervisors.  These supervisors have all the authority of any staff member.  Students eat in two shifts. Normally, when one group of students is eating their lunch, the other group is engaged in extra curricular activities or is outside.  Pupils who do not follow the few reasonable rules established for the lunchroom may be refused permission to eat at school.  A cafeteria offering a hot lunch program, drinks and lunch box extras is located on the lower level.  Menus and prices will be sent home as soon as they are available.

  The menu is based on a rotation schedule as indicated on the monthly calendar.

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