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Governing Board



Governing Board 2017-2018

Any parent is welcome to attend a governing board meeting which is typically held every 2nd Thursday of the month. There is always a question period for the public. Should you have a question you would like to address to the governing board, please contact your governing board chairperson via email.
Here are the members for the 2016-2017 school year:

Parent Representatives Teacher Representatives

Josie Tortorici (Chair)

Email :

Lisa Cipriani

Patrick Leprohon

Shelleigh Murray

Marie-Soleil Lecompte

Sara Germanotta


Gabriel Lanno

Gautama Swaminadhan

Jennifer Lloyd

Dan Strina


Daycare Representative Support Representative

Patricia Gilmour, Daycare technician



Jennifer Summers

Community Representatives


Colin Young


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Upcoming Events / Calendar

Sep-24: Cross Country Practice
Sep-26: Cross Country Practice
Oct-02: RSEQLL Futsal League Game
Oct-03: RSEQLL Cross Country Regional Race
Oct-16: RSEQLL Futsal League Game

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