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Parent Participation Organization (P.P.O.)

PPO 2016-2017


PPO Chair:    Chantal Ippersiel:


The Parent Participation Organization (PPO) is an active group at McCaig Elementary School, and is established each year at the General Assembly.


Monthly meetings are held to encourage discussion regarding general issues of concern and the PPO may advise the parent representative to the Governing Board on matters of interest.  Meetings are public and guests are welcome to participate and share their ideas pertaining to school life.


No personal or individualized concerns may be addressed in this forum.  If you have concerns with an isolated subject matter, you are invited to contact Mr. Mason or Ms. Chantal Ippersiel privately.


Thank you PPO for all you do!

Word of the Day: LEAVE-TAKING
Definition: (noun) The act of departing politely.

Synonyms: parting, farewell.

Usage: Captain Rawdon himself was much more affected at the leave-taking than the resolute little woman to whom he bade farewell.