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a McCaig Elementary School
Feb '19
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NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Bardaklis, Alexandra  Cycle 1 Teacher Teacher
Bletas, Eva   Teacher
Boily, Denise  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4
Bomok, Katelin  Cycle 1 Teacher
Bruno, Maria   Teacher
Cardillo-Marricco, Laura  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3
Corbisiero, Josie  Student Support Attendant
Cormier, Marilyn  Cycle 1 Teacher Cycle 1
Corriveau, Mylene  French Teacher Cycle 3
Crowdis, Kristin  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Cruise, Laurie  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4
Dacosta, Naty  Resource Resource Teacher
De Merlis, Catherine  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3/4
Di Biase, Modestina  Cycle 1 Teacher French, Social Science, Sciences
Di Stefano, Michael  Phys. Ed. Teacher
DiLillo, Mary   Librarian
Ducharme, Catherine  Resource Resource Teacher
Fraser, Vicki  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6
Gilmour, Pat  Technician Daycare
Hurdle, Danielle  Teacher Teacher Cycle 1 and Cycle 3
Julien, Stephanie  Cycle 2 Teacher Cycle 2
Labbiento, Gianna   Teacher
Lanno, Gabriel  French Teacher
Lefebvre Gauthier, Sarah  Administration Vice Principal
Lloyd, Jennifer  Kindergarten Teacher
Lopez, Nella  Kindergarten Teacher
Lord, Melissa  French Teacher Kindergarten and Grade 1
Lortie, Isabelle  Cycle 3 Teacher
Mason, Richard  Administration Principal
Miller, Elana  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3
Petraglia, Jennifer  Cycle 1 Teacher Grade 1
Philion, Ann  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6
Potamoussis, Stamatia   Secretary
Roberge, Chantal    Cycle 3 Teacher Cycle 3
Safran, Dana  Kindergarten Teacher
Strina, Dan    Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6
Swaminadhan, Gautama    Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4
Thibault, Delcia  Cycle 1 Teacher Grade 2
Villani, Viginie  Cycle 3 Teacher Cycle 3

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Upcoming Events / Calendar

Feb-22: International Stand Up to Bullies Day (Pink Shirt Day)
Feb-25: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
Feb-26: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
Feb-26: Governing Board @ 7pm
Feb-27: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
Feb-28: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
Mar-01: Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
Mar-01: Last Day of School before March Break
Mar-04: March Break
Mar-05: March Break

Word of the Day: LURCHER
Definition: (noun) Someone waiting in concealment.

Synonyms: lurker, skulker.

Usage: Amanda caught a glimpse of a figure in the shadows of the alleyway and ran in fear of the mysterious lurcher.