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a McCaig Elementary School
Jan '18
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NameEmailWeb PageDepartment/CyclePosition
Corbisiero, Josie  Student Support Attendant
Summers, Jennifer  Student Support Attendant
Gilmour, Pat  Technician Daycare
DiLillo, Mary   Librarian
Mason, Richard  Administration Principal
Dacosta, Naty  Resource Resource Teacher
Ducharme, Catherine  Resource Resource Teacher
Potamoussis, Stamatia   Secretary
Bardaklis, Alexandra  Cycle 1 Teacher
Boily, Denise  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4
Cardillo-Marricco, Laura  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3
Cormier, Marilyn  Cycle 1 Teacher Cycle 1
Corriveau, Mylene  French Teacher Cycle 3
Craighead, Amanda  Kindergarten Teacher
Crowdis, Kristin  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Cruise, Laurie  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4
Cuffaro, Stephanie   Teacher
De Merlis, Catherine  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3/4
Di Stefano, Michael  Phys. Ed. Teacher
Emmanouelides, Tiffany  French Teacher
Fraser, Vicki  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6
Gambino, Kristine  Social Science Teacher
Goodman, Wendy  Kindergarten Teacher
Hurdle, Danielle  Teacher Teacher Cycle 1 and Cycle 3
Julien, Stephanie  Cycle 2 Teacher Cycle 2
Labbiento, Gianna   Teacher
Lanno, Gabriel  French Teacher
Lloyd, Jennifer  Kindergarten Teacher
Lopez, Nella  Kindergarten Teacher
Lord, Melissa  French Teacher Kindergarten and Grade 1
Lortie, Isabelle  Cycle 3 Teacher
Miller, Elana  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 3
Pacheco, Christina  Science Teacher
Petraglia, Jennifer  Cycle 1 Teacher Grade 1
Philion, Ann  Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6
Roberge, Chantal    Cycle 3 Teacher Cycle 3
Safran, Dana  Kindergarten Teacher
Strina, Dan    Cycle 3 Teacher Grade 6
Swaminadhan, Gautama  Cycle 2 Teacher Grade 4
Thibault, Delcia  Cycle 1 Teacher Grade 2
Villani, Viginie  Cycle 3 Teacher Cycle 3
Rioux, Melissa  Administration Vice Principal

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Upcoming Events / Calendar

Jan-17: ICE HOCKEY Gladiators Team A -- Game
Jan-19: ICE HOCKEY Gladiators Team B -- AWAY TOURNAMENT
Jan-20: OPEN HOUSE 11:00 AM TO 2:00 PM
Jan-23: ICE HOCKEY Gladiators Team A -- AWAY TOURNAMENT
Jan-24: ICE HOCKEY Gladiators Team B -- Game
Jan-30: Winter Carnival
Jan-31: ICE HOCKEY Gladiators Team B -- Game
Feb-05: ICE HOCKEY Gladiators International Festival - TEAMS A1 &A2
Feb-07: ICE HOCKEY Gladiators Team A -- Game

Word of the Day: WRING
Definition: (verb) To clasp and twist or squeeze (one's hands), as in distress.

Synonyms: wrench.

Usage: And the little princess began to cry capriciously like a suffering child and to wring her little hands even with some affectation.