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McCaig Elementary School
501 Northcote, Rosemere
Tel. 450 621-6111
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Cookie Dough 2021 (Order Form)
Cookie Dough Fundraiser (Updated Deadline)
November Calendar
Cookie Dough (Letter)
Cookie Dough (Order Form)
Christmas Tree Fundraiser 2021
Snow Pants Memo
Daycare Parent Information 2021-2022
Distance Learning (Breakdown of Minutes)
Emergency Protocol 2021-2022
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/ School (English Version)
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/Parent (English Version)
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/Parents (Version Francaise)
Evaluation of Learning 2021-2022/School (Version Francaise)
Evaluation Plan 2021-2022 (Cycle 1)
Evaluation Plan 2021-2022 (Cycle 2)
Evaluation Plan 2021-2022 (Cycle 3)
Governing Board Annual Report
Grade 1-6 Student Schedule
Judicial Form 2021-2022 (English)
Judicial Form 2021-2022 (Francais)
McCaig 2021-2022 School Calendar
Permission To Walk Home
Piccola Gioia (Instructions)
Pre-K and Kindergarten Student Schedule
Scales of Competency Cycle I-II-III 2021-2022
Use of Image and Name Authorization Form
McCaig Code of Conduct 2021-2022
McCaig Educational Project (2019-2022)
ABAV Plan 2020-2021

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