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McCaig Elementary School
McCaig Elementary School
Dan Strina Teacher

updated june 2016

JUMP Lesson Plans and Blackline Masters  Book 2.1 updated


Letter to Parents for Lesson NS2-34        Number Sense Blackline Masters         Extra online Number Sense Blackline Masters  

Patterns and Algebra Blackline Masters

Letter to Parents for Lessons ME2-4 | ME2-19  Measurement Blackline Masters        Extra online Measurement Blackline Masters

Letter to Parents for Lesson G2-6 (WNCP)   Geometry Blackline Masters        Extra online Geometry Blackline Masters

Letter to Parents for Lesson PDM2-1  Probability and Data Management Blackline Masters

     Extra online Probability and Data Mgt. Blackline Masters    Generic Blackline Masters

Grade2 MATH PROGRAM - McGraw Hill/ Connect 2

Ch 1-Use Place Value to 100 and Patterns >> Tens and Ones Readiness Quiz   -Self-Check Quiz   Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch 2- Apply Addition Concepts >> Addition Properties  Readiness Quiz - Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch 3-Apply Subtraction Concepts >> Count Back to Subtract Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz   Chapter Test  - Test Practice

Ch 4-Organize and Use Data >> Take a Survey Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz Chapter Test  - Test Practice

Ch 5 -Model Two-Digit Addition >> Add Tens   Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch 6-Model Two-Digit Subtraction >> Subtract Tens Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch 7-Determine the Value of Money >> Pennies, Nickels, and Dimes Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz   Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch 8- Measure Time and Temperature >> Read Temperature Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz   Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch 9-Model Fractions >> Unit Fractions   Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch10-Use Place Value to 1,000 >> Hundreds  Hundreds  Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch11-Geometric Shapes /Spatial Reasoning > Three-Dimensional Figures   Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch12- Measure Length and Area >> Nonstandard Units  Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Cha13-Measure Capacity and Weight >> Capacity: Nonstandard Units Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch14- Three-Digit Addition and Subtraction Problems >> Add Hundreds   Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice

Ch15-Model Multiplication and Division >> Multiplication Stories  Readiness Quiz  -Self-Check Quiz  Chapter Test  -Test Practice





Grade 2 Math---Houghton Mifflin

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