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McCaig Elementary School
McCaig Elementary School
Dan Strina Teacher
RSEQLL SOCCER DAY may 26 cancelled [B5250 - D. Strina:2017-05-26]

updated May 26th 2017

Welcome to my E61  Homeroom Page

Students will primarely  be using GOOGLE DRIVE . (******  account)  which will take them directly to my google classroom

As for communication with me, parents can communicate directly with me with their PARENT CLASS DOJO account or by regular schoolboard e-mail.

A parent can always access the GRADE E61 MATH/SCIENCE/LA HOMEWORK PAGE to verify what is due for my E61 Homeroom Class.

Here is the E61 Classroom Timetable 2015-2016

Mr. D. Strina

-updated aug 26th 2015



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